Who says computer scientists can only be interested in computers? The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science is perfect for students who want to combine their love of computers and how technology works with another major, whether it’s math or music.

You’ll learn principles of computation and algorithms and develop the programming and computing skills you need for first an internship and then a career in industry. You also have the flexibility to choose a second major that will help you develop those non-technical skills—like good communication—that employers love.

Want to pick up some basic computing and programming skills? Check out our minor.


The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science is administered by the College of Arts & Sciences, but the computer science course work is completed in the School of Informatics and Computing. The B.A. requires a minimum of 122 credit hours of course work.

For specific requirements, see the College of Arts & Sciences Academic Bulletins . Students should pursue the requirements of the year that they entered IU Bloomington. The requirements outlined in the academic bulletin in effect at the time of your matriculation will remain the same throughout your degree program, assuming you graduate within eight years.
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