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C++ Interview Tips 
 The most common ones in my experience were:

Write a basic linked list
write a function that reverses a linked list/write a function that reverses a C string in place
Convert a given function to a template function

And every one of them that I took had a question to do with classes with virtual destructors, asking you to write the order that the constructors and destructors are called in various examples.

It's not all about programming questions though you should prepare for competency based questions too.

The book stuff is always good to know, but don't forget the interview basics. 

Appearance is king, if you come in looking like a slob they might put you through the motions of the interview but they will have dismissed you already as a canidate. 

Make sure you're up a few hours before the interview, yes this means that if the interview happens to be at 6 AM then get up at 4 but never stay up all night. You should make sure that you have enough time to go through your morning routine, a light workout, shower, brush your teeth, if you're male then shave wiether you think you need it or not try to make it to a barber for this but if you can't then always use a fresh razor to avoid cuts.

When you meet the interviewer smile like they are a good friend that you haven't seen in a while, the hardest part about this is not coming off as creepy. Your SO will be the best one to help you with finding the right look.

This one might spark an argument but I'll say it anyway, if you have Carpal Tunnel DO NOT wear your wrist brace to the interview. It might suck for a few minutes but it's better then showing up looking like you're already injured.

I just thought that everyone else here would be covering the programming interview questions so I'd add this as my contribution.
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