By default, VC++ tries to include all kinds of Microsoft junk. You can use this stuff if you want to,
but the programs discussed in the course will be written in plain old vanilla C++. Use the following
steps to create simple C++ programs:

1. Start VC++.
2. Select File/New/Project or press ctrl-shift-n. In the New Project window:
(a) In the Project types: window, select Visual C++ Projects.
(b) In the Templates: window, select Win32 Project.
(c) In the Name: box, enter the name of your program.
(d) In the Location: box, enter a path for your project.
(e) In the Solution: box, you can enter the name of a directory for your project. It is
probably better to say that you don’t want this option.
(f) Click OK to finish this dialogue. VC++ will open an Application Wizard.

3. In the Application Wizard window:
(a) Click Application Settings.
(b) Under Application Type:, select Console application.
(c) Under Additional Options:, check Empty Project.
(d) Click Finish.

4. You should now have, at top right, a window called Solution Explorer. Your project
name appears as the root of a tree.

5. Right click on the project name, and select Add/Add new item from the drop-down
menu. (The second icon on the main tool-bar has the same effect.) This should open a new
window called Add New Item.

6. In the Add New Item window, select C++ File (.cpp). Provide a name for your
source file in the box provided and click Open. This should give you a blank window in which
to enter your code. If you see default code written by Microsoft, you have done something

7. Enter your code into the source code window.

8. Select Build/Build Solution (or press ctrl-shift-b) to compile your program.

9. Select Debug/Start without debugging (or press ctrl-F5) to run your program.

If you have already have a C++ file and you awnt to use it in a project, carry out the first four steps
as above. Instead of step 5, click on Project/Add existing item and select the file(s) you
want in your project.
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