Program will calculate the factorial of a given number (No Validation included)

//____________________Include Header Files_________________

#include<stdio.h> //________Header Files are also known as Preprocessor directives____________

#include<conio.h> //________Mainly for the getch function included in program_________________

int main() //___________This is from where the execution starts_____________________
int number, factorial, temp; //____________Variable Declaration_____________

factorial = 1; //___________Initializing the number to 1 which will store the factorial of a given number__________

printf("\n\t\t\t_______Factorial of a Number_______");

printf("\n\n\t Enter the Number - "); //____________Prompting the user to enter the number for which to calculate

scanf("%d", &number); //_________Reading the user input and storing the input in variable number_________

for(temp = number ; temp >= 1; temp --)
factorial = factorial * temp;


printf("\n\n\t Factorial of %d is - %d",number,factorial); //_______Display the final output_________



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