Creating table is the most basic thing to start with in SQL . Here is the basic code to make a table

SQL> CREATE TABLE  (table name)             // table name is the name of your table any thing you want
      2. (
              name     (data type)[variable]                 // Data type = char, integer,varchar2 . variable = no of      
                                                                                                                            allocation =10,20 etc.
  Then create as many row and column  u want to just write the   name  and data type and memory allocation

after every line put a coma ( , )  in order to not get an error and at the last instead  of com just jut the closing bares  { (  } .  and a terminator { ; } 

Done Table is created

here is an example

create table emp

name   char [10],
code   integer ,
post    char [20],
salary  integer);


 table created 

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