Learn To Compile With C++ 2005 Express Edition in 7 steps

1.Run VC++ 2005 Express Edition. Wait a few seconds while it connects to the internet and updates the latest news.

2.Now click the menu entry File -- New Project. You should see the popup box above. On the Project types tree select CLR and in the Templates box select Windows Forms Aplication.

3.In the Name box type in HelloWorld and click the OK button.

4.This will generate all the files and open the Solutions Explorer tree and the form designer.
Now Hold down control and Alt keys and press the X key. On the right of the screen you should see the Toolbox with a large list of controls. If you can't see this, click the View Menu and about halfway down you should see Toolbox. Click it.

5.Now click on the 7th control, in the Toolbox. The one that says Label. Click on the the Window form with the caption Form1, keep the left mouse button down and drag a rectangle shape. Now release the button and you should see label1 with a dotted line around it. This is a label on a form.

6.Right click the label and on the mnu that pops up, click properties. You should see a Property Inspector appear below the toolbox. This property inspector has two columns of attributes and you may have to scroll down to find the row in the left column that says Text. To the right of it, you will see the word label1.
Click on the word label1. You'll now see a down arrow. You can either type the words Hello World in this field or click the down arrow and type into the edit field box that appears. Press enter after typing and you'll see the label text on the form has now changed to Hello World.

We're now ready to compile. Press the F7 key. It will compile the application and within a few seconds you should see ========== Build 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date,0 skipped ==========
You've compiled your first application! Now to run it, press F5. A form should appear with your text on it.


You've seen how to setup a new project and drag a control on a form before compiling the application and running it.
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